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Appraising Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Property Across Central Virginia

Welcome to Appraisal Corporation of Virginia’s new website. Considering the vast amount of work we do in various different market segments, we thought it would be interesting, and perhaps a bit entertaining to show off some of the odd, unusual, different and unique sights we’ve seen over the years of appraising residential, commercial and agricultural real estate across the state of Virginia.

As an appraiser part of the job is taking pictures. We always carry a camera and we’ve seen it all. From hovels to mansions, mountains to the ocean, cows to copperheads and everything in between. So we’re going to post a few photos here and there that you might find interesting, beautiful or perhaps comical. This peaceful spot is in Hanover on the grounds of a farm with a beautiful Antebellum home.

Mike Darlington’s resume is included as is the letter of recommendation to the left (click to enlarge). Our About APCOVA page is a brief summary of the company, where we go and what we do.

Please contact us about your property appraisal needs. If you are in need of an appraisal of a property, we might already have all of the data and be able to turn it around quickly.