Appraisal Corporation of Virginia
P.O. Box 3915 Richmond, VA 23235
office: 804-272-1205
fax: 866-862-0358



Appraisal Corporation of Virginia has an exceptionally diverse portfolio of appraisal experience covering over 25 years of appraisal work. Appraisal types include poultry farms, dairy farms and timber tracts. We have actually appraised a 1,000 acre tract in Virginia’s Dismal Swamp. Other unusual properties include a defunct ethanol facility and a site contaminated with used petroleum waste.

Numerous people who move to rural areas are horse enthusiasts and within the past decade We have lost track of how many equestrian facilities we’ve appraised. Most are hobby facilities, but a few have been intensive operations.

We don’t just do the oddball appraisals. Our portfolio of “Normal” properties includes office buildings, office warehouse buildings, industrial facilities, apartments and retail buildings. Also included are standard single family appraisals.

The vast amount of experience is helpful to the client seeking one stop shopping for their appraisal needs. This is especially advantageous for attorneys and executors of estates, who need multiple appraisals of different property types. We have had great success in being able to cater to the needs of clients handling large estates that include a residence, a farm and some commercial property.

Check out the map to the left (click to enlarge). The shaded areas represent all of the counties and cities We have worked in. Over half of Virginia’s cities and counties are covered.

The company is also streamlined in its operations which is advantageous to the client as well as being positive for the environment. All of our paper is converted to an electronic file and stored. So there are no paper files or boxes. All of our appraisal reports are delivered electronically. For the client there are numerous advantages to electronic delivery (especially with large commercial reports). Electronic delivery means you receive the report immediately. No waiting for delivery services or snail mail. Electronic delivery provides the client with the ability to store the document electronically in the loan file as well. There is no reason for a 100 page document to take up space and collect dust in a storage box anymore.

So electronic delivery and storage cuts down on physical travel, which cuts down on gasoline usage, which is helpful to everyone in the current economic environment.

So the next time you need an appraisal, near or far, normal or just a little different, one assignment or multiple appraisals, Give us a call. We can handle it.